Link payroll Group

Referral Scheme



In order to make sure that everyone who provides a referral to us is properly rewarded, we have our Link Payroll loyalty referral scheme for contractors. For every new client you refer to us that has a contract of more than 3 months, we will reward you with a 150 EUR deduction from your next months fees, or a cash payment if your contract is coming to an end.


This payment will come into effect after the referred client has submitted their first months invoice. There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer, so the more you give the more you make. Anyone who reaches 10 referrals within a single 12 month period will qualify for a special reward.


The only qualifying factors are that the referred contractor must have a contract exceeding 3 months and has either never previously been a Link client or is currently using a competitor.




We also run a Link Payroll loyalty referral scheme for agencies. We can offer Amazon vouchers with a value of 50 GBP to be redeemed online at Amazon for each contractor successfully referred to us by an agency. We will send you a credit card type voucher which can be topped up by us instantly meaning you don’t need to wait for vouchers to arrive through the post, and has a limitless potential to earn you money.